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*Funded* VPL Liked This Initiative:

*Funded* VPL Liked This Initiative: "Gifted Girls Programming Radical Robots"

Mr. Hopkins is a middle school teacher at a tiltle-1 school in California.  He said, "I teach at a title-I school in a large city in California and want to show the students that computer science has nothing to do with income or gender. You want to learn to code a robot? Think like a computer scientist. It starts with attitude, and our students have an abundance of good-attitudes.
The female students I teach are low-income but high-energy middle school students with a desire to start a journey in programming and robotics.

Females have always been underserved in the robotics world. Our magnet schools promote project based learning, creativity and problem solving. Building these 21st century skills is an essential vision we have for our middle school students, especially the girls. Sometimes our school budgets don't equal our vision. These young minds could excel with the proper tools." In order for her to start her library, we have given a seed fund to kick start his campaign.

Mr. Hopkins sent us a note informing us that the project got fully funded now...along with some pictures. We are excited for the girls to have an amazing teacher like Mr. Hopkins and the opportunity given to them.

 "Dear VPL,

I cannot thank you enough for the generous contribution to our Lego robotics program. Your donation allowed us to buy a Lego robot specifically for a female team. The girls are now learning how to build and program the robot. Our goal is to enter the team in the Lego competition next fall.

Recruiting more female students into robotics, computer science, engineering, etc. is one of our charges as public educators. Middle school is a great starting point. The Lego robotics program provides the opportunities for problem solving and team work with technology and the girls love it. It becomes a wonderful launch into the world of computer science.

We hope to build more momentum and recruit more girls as a result of getting the robot and we will. Thanks again for your generous contributions. The students are loving the robot.

With gratitude,
Mr. Hopkins"


*FUNDED* VPL Liked This Initiative:

*FUNDED* VPL Liked This Initiative: "Acute Math Library"

Mr. Saltos is a teacher at a Title-1 school in Queens NY where 100 percent of his students receive free breakfast and lunch. They all come from many countries in Asia and Latin America. Many of my students do not have a chance to experience many extra-curricular activities. Most of them stay home or at the park after school is over. He said he wanted to be able to provide them with a different activity that is both engaging and fun. He asked to build a math library because he says "One of the things that I noticed about my students is that they love to read. They love to read fiction and non-fiction books. They enjoy reading novels, comic books and even biographies. They even like to read when they finish with their math assignments during class.
I want my students to have access to a different genre of books: math novels.

I would like to introduce my students to math novels that are both educational and entertaining. I want them to read classics like Flatland, or a Japanese comic series called Math Girls, or books about how much mathematics is found in The Simpsons.

My goal for this project is to build an in-class math library and I hope that you help me spark in my students a seed of joy for mathematics." I learned the world history illustrated in Japanese comic book style! It's interesting, so we funded seed money to kick start his campaign here.

We got the amazing news from him that the project got funded, and all the books had been delivered!
"Dear VPL,

My students and I were so thrilled to have received funding for our in-class math library called: Acute Library. I enjoy reading about mathematics and how it relates to the world around me. It was my hope to pass that feeling to my students so that they could see how mathematics is found in the world around them.

One of the ways that I am implementing mathematics reading in the classroom is by dedicating one period a week for reading. Students are encouraged to check out a book of their choice and to read during class. Then, students are asked to share some of the new ideas they have learned. For example, one of my students was reading a book titled Math Girls, and she read about absolute value from a more advanced and formal standpoint. She was very excited to notice a concept that we are learning in math class in the book that she was reading.

Some other students like origami, and they join me during their lunch period to do some origami from the new origami books. Students found out that following directions from an origami book is different from an origami video, but they are quickly adjusting to it, and self-teaching during the process.

Finally, some of my students met the author of How To Bake Pi, and they are most excited about reading this particular book because they have a direct connection to the book.

You have opened such a large door to a new world to my students, and for that I cannot thank you enough.

With gratitude,
Mr. Saltos"

*FUNDED* VPL Liked This Initiative:

*FUNDED* VPL Liked This Initiative: "Tools For An Exceptional Education!"

Mrs. Brooks is a 5th grade teacher at Carver Elementary School in Monroe, LA. She says "My fifth grade students are very outgoing and inquisitive little ten and eleven year old girls and boys. They love learning new and exciting things, aren't afraid to take risks, and are eager about school.

The fifth graders at Carver Elementary are setting standard for the future minds of America.

They are growing and learning together in a warm and welcoming environment. With students willing to overcome all obstacles with victory in mind, this year has been the best one for me, thus far."

She  requested microscopes and math and science manipulatives to become successful learners. She said "I am positive that students will increase their classroom assessment grades as well as their state exams, with the use of microscopes and math and science manipulatives." VPL gave a seed fund to kick start her campain, and now we heard the amazing news from her that the project is now fully funded and everything she wanted on her wish list had been delivered the her classroom!

"Dear VPL,

Thanks is a word far too small to describe the overwhelming feeling of gratitude that I have for each and every one of you that blessed my students and I with a donation. I live to teach another day, and because of you, we now have the tools for an exceptional education.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Brooks"