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*FUNDED* VPL Liked This Initiative: "At Home Math Fun"

Mrs. Baham James teaches at Chahta-Ima Elementary School in Lacombre, LA where 90% of students receive free / reduced price lunch. Many of them are being raised in single parent households where money and resources are scarce. But her students love math, especially girls. 

She says: 

"The students in my class enjoy playing games, so the Multiplication Electronic Flashcards and the fractions games with surely be enjoyed by all."

We gave a seed fund to kick start her campaign, and received a note from her recently.  

"Dear VPL,

Thank you for funding my at home math project. This project will allow my students, parents, and siblings the opportunity to share in the learning that is going on in the classroom at home. They will also be able complete math homework and projects using the necessary supplies needed to complete them. Again thank you for always supporting our future,

With gratitude,
Mrs. Baham-James"


We are so happy to hear about the news. 

*This project will reach 20 students.*

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