Introducing the Ippon nursing bra

The nursing bra created for all new moms faced with the frustrating question; why is it so hard to find a comfortable, stylish and easy to breastfeed in nursing bra? 

The answer, Ippon. Meaning “the one” in Japanese. The one nursing bra moms have been looking for. 

Design + Comfort + function

Stylish, feminine and innovative bra designed paired with easy drop-down cups makes this nursing bra incredibly appealing and functional for new moms. 

Master of multitasking

As moms, we are on call 24 / 7. Every day is unpredictable. Whether it’s early morning wake ups, all night feedings, at the office, the gym, errands, and beyond. The Ippon nursing bra can be on call with you anywhere, anytime.

No underwire

Under Visibles® patent-pending elastic cage construction. Made with high performance for maximum breathability. Anti-microbial, anti-odor and moisture wicking.

All-in-one solution

The ultimate all-in-one tanks and dresses. By incorporating the nursing bra design into these pieces, moms no longer need a nursing bra AND top or dress. No more worrying about layers and cumbersome necklines – simply put one of the tanks or dresses on and mom is instantly dressed and ready for her day.

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