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*FUNDED* VPL Liked this Initiative: "Wonderfully Fun Books for First-Graders!"

*FUNDED* VPL Liked this Initiative: "Wonderfully Fun Books for First-Graders!"

Mrs. Britton is a first grade teacher in Wisconsin with lower income, inter city students. She asks, "I am requesting oodles of wonderful books for my first-graders! My students love books like Clifford, National Geographic Dolphins, Tigers, and Weird Creatures, The Little Red Caboose and others." In order for her to start her library, we have given a seed fund to kick start her campaign.
Mrs. Britton wrote us a note: 

"Thank you so much for you donation, and for the kind words! Words like that really inspire me, and the words you said, are what I believe in so strongly! I am so excited about getting these new books for our classroom, and I can't wait to see just how far I can get my little students. I like to tell them, "Dream Big!""


We just heard from Mrs. Britton with great news:

"Dear VPL,

Thank you so much for funding our "Wonderfully Fun Books for First-Graders!" on I am so excited about getting all of these wonderful new books for our classroom. All of these books were carefully chosen to match my students' reading abilities, and they will definitely get used over and over again. My students will LOVE them! This is going to have a huge impact on my students' reading ability, because the books chosen based on reading levels and my students goals. Having new, high quality books is so much better than reading from a basal. We really appreciate your support! Thank you so much!

With gratitude,
Mrs. Britton"

They are so lucky to have a teacher like Mrs. Britton. Keep up the great work!

Now with the project funded, we heard that all the books she ordered had been delivered to her classroom.

Here's the update from her along with photos she sent to us (not posted here).

"Dear VPL,

Thank you so much for donating to our "Wonderfully Fun Books for First-Graders!" project, on We are super excited about getting all of these new books! They are fantastic titles, with great illustrations and photographs, and my little students are already devouring them! I will post photos of my students, just loving them very soon! It is so much fun to pull a student over to my special reader stool, and have them read their favorite new book to the class! They get so excited, and just love digging through to find the perfect good fit book, to match their reading ability. The great thing about this project, is that all of the books are good fit! This makes it so much fun for the kids, because every single one of them can find something to read and enjoy. They are crazy about the dolphin books. Corduroy, Clifford and so many others are books that I loved when I was little, and these first-graders love them too. Nate the Great is fun because it is one of their first chapter books. My students just love all of the titles. Thank you so much for making this happen for my students! You truly make a difference in our classrooms and for our students! If only you could see the excitement that these kiddos show when the packages come into our room! I purposely make a big deal of it, and let the packages sit on our back table for an afternoon so that the suspense can build before we open them. Then, when I say, " We just got a package," they all race back to the reading corner to open the package and see what is inside! Believe me, they were thrilled!

With gratitude,
Mrs. Britton"



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