Mrs. Brooks is a 5th grade teacher at Carver Elementary School in Monroe, LA. She says "My fifth grade students are very outgoing and inquisitive little ten and eleven year old girls and boys. They love learning new and exciting things, aren't afraid to take risks, and are eager about school.

The fifth graders at Carver Elementary are setting standard for the future minds of America.

They are growing and learning together in a warm and welcoming environment. With students willing to overcome all obstacles with victory in mind, this year has been the best one for me, thus far."

She  requested microscopes and math and science manipulatives to become successful learners. She said "I am positive that students will increase their classroom assessment grades as well as their state exams, with the use of microscopes and math and science manipulatives." VPL gave a seed fund to kick start her campain, and now we heard the amazing news from her that the project is now fully funded and everything she wanted on her wish list had been delivered the her classroom!

"Dear VPL,

Thanks is a word far too small to describe the overwhelming feeling of gratitude that I have for each and every one of you that blessed my students and I with a donation. I live to teach another day, and because of you, we now have the tools for an exceptional education.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Brooks"