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*FUNDED* VPL Liked This Initiative: "Let's Move! P.E. Equipment that Gets Kids Excited about Exercising"

*FUNDED* VPL Liked This Initiative: "Let's Move! P.E. Equipment that Gets Kids Excited about Exercising"

Mrs. Duvnjak is PreK-2 teacher in San Pedro, CA with students from middle income families who work at the docks and others who serve in Air Force, Army and Coast Guard. She says, "Since my school is not a Title I school due to the income level of the families, we get very little funding which barely covers the cost of basic school supplies. Children love to move and play! They need to exercise in order to concentrate better on their schoolwork. Yet how can little kinders get excited about exercising when there is a very limited supply of exercise equipment for them? With the fun and colorful cones, balls, beanbags, and various balance beams, the children will be excited to exercise each day while meeting their physical education kindergarten standards."

In order for her to teach students to develop gross motor skills and muscles, we have given a seed fund to kick start her campaign.

Mrs. Duvnjak wrote us a note:

"To: VPL Women's Active Wear Company. Thank you for supporting public education and making a donation toward my project. Teaching is my passion and I enjoy watching little minds grow. I look forward to using the P.E. equipment with my kindergartners once my project has been fully funded."


"Dear VPL,

Thank you so much for funding this project for my students. I can't wait to start using the equipment to make our physical education lessons fun and engaging. With all of these wonderful supplies, I will now be able to create a wide variety of activities and games for the children to enjoy while meeting the physical education standards. While they think they will be playing, they will actually be exercising their bodies to stay healthy!

With gratitude,
Mrs. Duvnjak"

We love kids fit and healthy! Thanks for the update, Mrs. Duvnjak. 


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