Ms. McCarthy is a pre-K teacher in Bridgeport, CT with many children who do not speak English. She says, "My students are like blank slates and it is my job to expose them to experiences that encourage exploration!" In order for her to build a library, we have given a seed fund to kick start her campaign

Ms. McCarthy sent us a note and informed us the outcome of the project: 

"Thank you for your donation! I have been teaching many years and I know how important it is to read. I am excited to bring this opportunity to my students and their parents. Thank you again for your generous donation."

"Dear VPL vplstore.com,

I am so excited that my project has been funded. I can't wait to share this good news with my kids and their parents! This is going to be an excellent way for my children to develop their skills for reading. It will even help bring families closer together. Thank for giving my students this opportunity!

With gratitude,
Ms. McCarthy"

Her students are so lucky to have a teacher like her!

We just received further update from her with pictures. So exciting!

Dear VPL vplstore.com,

My students were so excited to get books to bring home to read with their families. There were so many to choose from. I had one student scream with delight when he got to pick the book "The Little Mouse, The Big Red Strawberry, and The Very Hungry Bear". 

Most of my families speak another language. All of these books come with a CD to help the families enjoy the books. These books not only offer an opportunity for families to spend time together but also provide learning opportunities. When children are reading, especially at this age, they are listening to vocabulary. They are able to talk about the characters and setting. They are able to predict. They are able to communicate how they are feeling about the story. Reading helps build language skills. Preschool is a critical time to build language skills because a larger vocabulary supports a child's ability to recognize the printed word and comprehend the meaning of stories. 

I have to end this thank you note by talking about the parents. The parents gave me positive feedback on how much they enjoyed listening to the stories with their child. I was told by one parent that their child wanted to hear the story at least five times in a row before going to bed. 

Thank you again for giving my class this wonderful donations of books. I am the starting point to the road of loving to read! We love to read in my class!

With gratitude,
Ms. McCarthy


This project will reach 18 students.