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*FUNDED* VPL Liked This Initiative: "Girls in Pink Lab Coats"

*FUNDED* VPL Liked This Initiative: "Girls in Pink Lab Coats"

Ms. J is a Title 1 school teacher in Katy TX teaching 5th graders.
She asks, "I would like to welcome 5th grade girls to join an after school science club, "Girls in Pink Lab Coats," where they can build, question and explore STEM topics in a girl-friendly environment." In order for her to start her lab, we have given a seed fund to kick start her campaign.
We heard the amazing news from Ms. J that the project is now fully funded, and products from NASCO and everything she needs for STEM arrived. I hope her students can wear lab coats that are not all in pink, but yes we love her project!

"Dear VPL,

Thank you so very much for your generosity. With your support, these girls can look forward to more hands-on, engaging experiences and labs. I look forward to the day when I hear a young lady says, "I'm going to be a scientist."

The timing is perfect - new possibilities, new experiences for a new year.

With gratitude,
Ms. J."


We received a further update with photos. We are excited for you, Ms. J!

Dear VPL,

Thanks so much -- your gift is making a big difference. The Girls in Pink Lab Coats are having an amazingly great time. Challenge #1 was centered around earthquakes. The assembled a seismograph (thank you!) and watched the pen trace "very excited" lines across the paper as the girls took turns bumping or banging on the table with varying degrees of "earthquakes." Then, they were charged with building an earthquake-resistant structure with limited supplies (all groups were successful!). Buildings were tested on a shaker-table (their description). They learned so much about strength of structures and questioned why people would want to build a house on a place that is going to experience an earthquake. (a very good question, indeed) 

They used the solar water heater as a starting point for building a solar space heater, (it worked!) and are looking forward to warmer Spring days to build and test solar ovens. 

Last week's activity started our electrical challenges. They were all able to choose their materials and create a complex circuit, complete with at least two loads, a switch, and three types of conductors. The next activity will utilize the telegraphs. I'm quite sure the girls are up for the challenge. 

When we started this girls-only club, I had no idea how valuable it would be. Normally quiet, reserved girls are on topic, talking with each other, cooperating and solving the problem at hand. They insist that everyone helps everyone so that each girl is successful every time -- and they do not give up. 

Thank you so very much for your generosity.

With gratitude,
Ms. J.



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