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*FUNDED* VPL Liked This Initiative: "iPads"

*FUNDED* VPL Liked This Initiative: "iPads"

Mrs. Bennett is a teacher at Title 1 school in Mobile, AL with many students who come from single parent/grandparent families. She says, "This iPad 2 will not only help my students with reading and math, but they will provide support to my students while researching and creating digital projects. The iPad 2 will bring their projects to life by using certain apps and programs. We will be able to use them during small groups to better differentiate our instructional time. The possibilities for their learning opportunities are endless." In order for her to get an iPad, we have given a seed fund to kick start her campaign.
Mrs. Benett sent us a note: 
"Dear VPL

Thank you all so much for your generous donations to my latest project. My students will be so excited to have another iPad to use for digital projects. They also enjoy using apps to enhance learning..."
We all know technology cannot replace great teachers, but it helps kids potential to grow!
I also heard that now this is fully funded, and she is getting the delivery of the new iPad! Here is the update from Ms. Bennett.
"Dear VPL,

The excitement on my student's faces when the mysterious box was delivered to my classroom was priceless. They were so eager to learn what was in the box. I told them that very generous people donated money so that we could have a new iPads in our classroom. The students clapped and cheered and were overjoyed!

The new Common Core Standards require students to use technology to conduct research. The iPads that you helped purchased has allowed more of my students access for these tasks. We also have three computer based programs that we use daily. Having the additional iPads has made it easier and more efficient for students to complete these activities daily.

My students are gaining more knowledge and experience with technology in the classroom. Having the additional iPads has helped tremendously with student growth in the areas of reading and math. Your donation has impacted my student's lives and I am forever grateful.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Bennett"


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