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About the Zen Yoga Mini Retreat

Comprehensive Guide to Rustic Canyon / Santa Monica Canyon or "the Canyon"

Walk in Tours In The Canyon guide

How To and When To Visit The Eames House

Visit the Eames Foundation to RSVP prior to your visit. The house is located 5 minutes from the mini retreat. 

Places to Eat

Giorgio Baldi dinner only on Tuesday - Sunday from 6-10 pm. Authentic Italian. Impossible to get a table unless you have reservation (tel 310-573-1660). 

Cafe Vida  Healthy, low-fat Californian-Latin meals. Open 8am-9pm daily 

Do you want to learn more about Japanese style zen / mindfulness?

BBC The Japanese skill copied by the world. >

Mindfulness has become trendy around the world in recent years – but in Japan, it’s been ingrained into the culture for centuries.

"Mindfulness is “not really about sitting in the full lotus… pretending you’re a statue in the British Museum. Simply put, mindfulness is moment-to-moment awareness"

"This present-moment awareness has been deeply ingrained into the Japanese psyche for centuries. You don’t hear people talk about it, but it manifests itself in myriad ways."

"Like so much of Japanese culture, the roots of all these customs lie in Zen. “Mindfulness has been part of the Buddhist tradition for centuries,” said Takafumi Kawakami, priest at Kyoto’s Shunko-in temple. In the Kamakura Era (1185-1333), Zen became popular among the samurai class and had a formative influence on the arts, including tea ceremony, flower-arranging and landscape gardening. In the Edo Era (1603-1868), a time of peace, Zen found its way into the education of common people."

Learn more about how zen can relieve your stress, reading these articles help you:
Wall Street Journal 


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