by Sharon Feiereisen

Peloton is one of the most buzzed about brands in fitness and it’s little surprise given that they’re on the forefront of a major change in the workout landscape. The brand has successfully managed to bring the in-studio boutique cycling experience to people at home by selling high-end custom bikes that come with a 22-inch touch-screen monitor that allows users to ride along with live classes at their flagship 50-bike Chelsea studio. Better yet Peloton knocks the stereotype that boutique fitness studios are starved for space. In fact, the multilevel flagship was designed to encourage people to stay and lounge with plenty of seating, food, a juice bar, and WiFi.  

Also on tap? A beautiful retail space where VPL is prominently stocked. To find out more we spoke with Marion Roaman – who opened one of the first boutique cycling studios ever, The Zone, in East Hampton in 1997 – to find out more about her favorite snacks, go-to workout songs, and more.

Peloton's new East Hampton store on Main Street


Best summer getaways?

Louse Point, Amagansett- on my paddle board, with my kids and my fiancé.  It’s heaven and it’s five minutes from our house.

Best trip you ever had for your health and fitness and what did you do? Any picture you can share?

Hiking in Tibet and Nepal; I went for spiritual reasons, but ended up discovering my body is much stronger than I realized. I was able to hike comfortably at insane altitudes and I felt the strongest I have ever felt, which was unexpected and life changing.

Playlist go tos? 

“Show Me What I’m looking for” Carolina Liar

“Let’s Go” Neyo

“Runaway” Jon Bon Jovi

“Radioactive” Imagine Dragons

“Ramble On” Led Zeppelin

“Be Without You” Mary J. Blige

“Warehouse” Dave Matthews Band

Anything by Coldplay

Peloton is a unique concept. Can you tell us about it and how you think it will change the fitness landscape?  

Peloton is the first company to live stream group exercise classes to people’s home while allowing the group in the studio to know the person at home is with them…we are taking technology and using it in a powerful life changing way.  We have created an environment in which the people in the studio are affecting the lives of people outside of the studio.  People now have the ability to access some of the world’s most effective indoor cycling training from their own homes.  It’s empowering, freeing and inspiring.

What’s a typical workout week like for you?

I coach anywhere from four to seven rides a week. I then sneak into a couple of rides a week. I do SLT (my most favorite non indoor cycling workout), two times a week and paddle boarding – all year round – once or twice a week

Have you tried wearing VPL for your workouts?

I LOVE their sport bras.

What are your go-to workout shoes? Accessories? Gym bags? 

My Peloton cycling shoes or my grip socks (toe sox) for SLT. My Rangers hat during hockey season is also in there along with Bobby pins to pull my hair back when it’s not hockey season! I use an over the shoulder amazing gym bag that I designed and produced. It is called the M Bag.

Favorite healthy eatery in NYC?

The Juice Press

Favorite healthy snack?

Green juice.

Guilty pleasure?

Episodes of Mad Men and Parenthood.

Favorite pre and post workout snack?

Pre: banana

Post: green tea with honey…OMG

What a fitness myth that drives you crazy?

That your thighs will get bigger from spinning. 

If we looked in your fridge, what would we always find?

Almond milk, Raw Chocolate Love, and some weird science experiment by my daughter.

If we looked in your gym bag, what would we always find?

My iPod, white Beats, a pair of Toe Grip sox, a back-up work out outfit, a stack of unpaid bills from home, phone, iPod chargers, a ton of pens, and my notebook where I write down ideas, people’s names, songs I hear, etc...

How does maintaining a healthy lifestyle effect your everyday life in a positive way?

There is NO way I could do what I do if I were not living a healthy lifestyle.  My kids are seven and nine, I am in an amazing relationship and about to get married and, oh yeah, I work a lot, but living a healthy lifestyle, eating right, exercising, enjoying nature, enduring in my nightly cleansing rituals – all of it is essential to remaining balanced and feeling great.  

Inside Peloton's new East Hampton store

Peloton bike we all love!

Watch Marion bike in VPL: