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Japanese Vintage Silk Maruobi Mask (Orange x Sayagata)
Japanese Vintage Silk Maruobi Mask (Orange x Sayagata)
Japanese Vintage Silk Maruobi Mask (Orange x Sayagata)
Japanese Vintage Silk Maruobi Mask (Orange x Sayagata)


Japanese Vintage Silk Maruobi Mask (Orange x Sayagata)


Non-medical mask made from Japanese obi. Obi is a sash for the traditional Japanese kimono made from a stiffer silk material which provides more structure to the mask allowing for it to stand away from the face to provide more comfortable breathing room.

The pattern may vary and may not reflect what's pictured.

SHIPPING: We're working as hard as we can to ship these items and we thank you for your patience.  If you are a frontline medical worker, we will try to expedite your order so please contact us directly at

DOING OUR PART: We are donating proceeds from all mask sales to the non-profit, Fashion Girls For Humanity, for their Gowns for Good Made in America initiative.  They are currently raising funds to produce PPE gowns through small garment and fashion industry factories in the US. The gowns produced are then in turn being donated to Frontline workers in need of PPE.

Made in sunny California, by a women-owned, ethical, certified essential business factory. 

This is not an FDA approved product. This product makes no claims of antimicrobial protection, antiviral protection, particulate filtration, or infection prevention or reduction. This product is not intended for use in a medical setting.  We recommend using these in conjunction with a surgical mask or a generic filter insert for increased protection.  The CDC currently recommends the use of face coverings to help stop the community spread of Covid-19 in addition to the practices of social distancing, washing your hands and refraining from touching your face.

Fabric + Care

Silk or silk blend / Made in Japan. Saga Nishiki*

2 layers of fabric with filter pocket: outer layer and lining layer. Optional: see our Filter

Lining material varies.

Dry cleaning recommended. Made from 100% silk and silk blend fabric. Lined.

Fit + Size

Dimensions: 8” width x 5.5” height

Secure mask in place with elastic loops
(Ear loop) Adjustable, soft knit ear loops for all-day comfort with silicone toggles

Mask Accessories:

Detachable, adjustable elastic headband to hold two earloops for convenience and ease.



*Saga Nishiki (佐賀錦, Saga-nishiki) is a form of brocading from Saga Prefecture, Japan. It is a unique form of brocading in that Japanese paper is used as the warp. This paper is coated in either gold, silver or lacquer. The weft is a silk thread which is dyed. As the technique is time-consuming, only several inches are produced each day.[1]

A Saga Nishiki work


Mask Sizing
Measure your face height from the bridge of the nose to the bottom of the chin. Measurements are in inches. 
Adult Large: Large Masks
Adult : Regular Masks
Youth: Small Masks
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