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*FUNDED* VPL Liked This Initiative:

*FUNDED* VPL Liked This Initiative: " Seriesously .... We Need More Series Books!"

Ms. Nosal is is a grade 3-5 teacher in Providence, RI, with children with limited access to books. She says, "Series books are a great way to engage children with reading and expand their exposure to print while having fun! Giving children access to various series books that they want to read is an investment in their future as lifelong readers." In order for her to get more series books, we have given a seed fund to kick start her campaign.
Ms. Nosal wrote us a note: 

"Thank you so much! We appreciate your kindness!"
"Dear VPL,

What an amazing act of kindness your donations are! We are so grateful and cannot thank you enough for your support for our reading. We need books that inspire us to read and think and discuss big ideas. We need to know that others care about our reading development, and your donations are like a whole lot of love coming our way. Thank you so very much! With gratitude,
Ms. Nosal"

So glad to hear the project is now fully funded!